Tip policy

All sending and receiving of tips using the payment processing platform (Stripe), without exception, must meet the following requirements. Moreover, Ritatrip users must comply with the Terms and Conditions when using the Ritatrip service.

  1. Users must be 18 years of age or older to send or receive tips.
  1. Requesting or sending tips in exchange for the display, promotion, or endorsement of content that violates any of Ritatrip’s rules is prohibited.
  1. Requesting or sending tips in exchange for the enforcement, encouragement, or endorsement of (a) illegal activity, (b) abusive behavior, (c) hateful conduct, or (d) behavior that may lead to self-harm is prohibited.
  2. Using the Ritatrip service with the intent of receiving tips through fraudulent activities, phishing, or other deceitful behavior is prohibited.
  3. Users must comply with applicable laws, rules, and regulations (laws and ordinances regarding sanctions, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, administration, financing, content, etc.) when using Ritatrip.
  4. When receiving tips from other users, the tip recipient is responsible for paying all applicable taxes and fees. Moreover, all terms and conditions of the payment processing platform used to receive tips apply to the tip recipient.
  5. Ritatrip assumes no responsibility, without exception, for any tips. For example, if a user cannot request or receive a tip because Ritatrip has suspended their account, Ritatrip assumes no responsibility for the tip.
  6. Ritatrip will not interfere with conflicts between users, without exception, as Ritatrip is not involved in the payment of tips. Sending tips to other users will not grant the sender access to any Ritatrip content or features.

Action Principles

All users sending or receiving tips on Ritatrip must meet the requirements described and referenced on this page. If a user violates any of these requirements, takes action that directly contradicts our purpose or principles, or takes action that may cause harm to our service or users, depending on context, severity, and violation history, Ritatrip reserves the right to do any or all of the following:

Temporarily or permanently suspend the user’s use of Ritatrip.

Hide the content violating Ritatrip’s rules until it is deleted.

Delete or request deletion of the content violating Ritatrip’s rules.

Take measures, including the above, that may result in the user not being able to receive further tips.