Ask Japanese Locals

Ritatrip app connects foreign tourists with local people’s thoughtfulness.


Create a world where anyone can enjoy trips with Japanese culture, local charm and people’s thoughtfulness.

A world where people suffering from poverty and hunger now can travel the globe in the future, see different cultures and natural wonders, enjoy local cuisines, and make priceless memories. 

A world where you can travel to regions once known as poverty-stricken, receive Rita support from locals, make connections, immerse yourself in different cultures, and live the extraordinary.

A world where Ritatrips bring joy to all.

We want to see such a future. We want to create such a future.

How it works

Post any comments or concerns about Japan Travel

Use this app to post any comments or concerns for traveling around Japan, and you will receive replies from locals living all throughout Japan. The app comes with an automatic translation function, so you can even post in English.

Tips for Great Answers

Anyone with an account can donate a small amount of money for helpful answers, even if you didn’t post any comments yourself.

Support Children Who Need It

Supporters who receive tips will donate a portion of their tips to NGOs/NPOs and other organizations that support children in developing countries.



Beta version of social tourism app to be released on February, 2023.

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